Sandra Burns

Hi! I am Sandra Burns, owner and photographer at September Blue Photography.   I started September Blue Photography in 2008 after my insatiable passion for photography and unending inspiration from my [then] only son could no longer be contained by taking family snapshots.  I had already developed (pun intended) my knowledge of photography & Photoshop in college way back when but as a career IT Professional, I had yet to find an outlet for my creative side.  

I now have three little muses I call Jake (age 14), Max (age 10) and Leia (age 7) with my equally inspiring and intelligent husband of over 14 years, James.  That career in IT has served me extremely well as it makes me proficient in all the back end workings of technology related to photography. 

My mission is as straightforward and honest as I am:

to provide elegant, artful, & timeless portraits to my clients; portraits that document meaningful milestones in their families’ lives, growth & development. Ultimately, I just want my clients to see their family as the work of art it truly is.