Current Classes and Workshops for photographers & hobbyists: 


Camera Basics Class  Feb 17, 2017

This is a hands on camera basics class.  We will work with you and your camera to get you familiar with all the buttons and knobs and what they do.  We will practice photographing with different settings and different lighting conditions, including using your camera's flash.   If you own a speedlight, bring that too along with any lenses you'd like to practice with.   

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Photography Beginner Workshop

Fri Mar 2 and Sat Mar 3

This is a hands-on shooting and editing workshop. 10am - 4pm 
Topics that we will cover include camera basics, shooting modes, shooting in manual, basic composition and lighting (natural light), Image review and critique, Lightroom and Photoshop editing .

We will be photographing child and/or adult models.  Light lunch/snacks will be served. 

Recommended equipment:  a DSLR camera
It is not required that you take the camera basics class in order to take this workshop, however, it may help if you are very new to DSLR cameras.

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