Milestone Sessions

Birthday and milestone sessions document special occasions for your child and/or your family.  They include 2 - 3 sets in studio plus a cake smash if desired.  

These sessions are about 45-60 minutes long for 3 - 9 month olds and about 60-90 minutes long for the first birthday session.

We love to capture the pushing up milestone which usually occurs around the 3 - 5 month mark. 

Next is the Sitting Up Unassisted Milestone which is often reached in months 6 - 8. This age is great because we can now capture a great variety of poses and much more expression. Next up is the standing Milestone in months 9 - 11.  


Finally, the first birthday session (with or without a cake smash) is always a must-have. 


Through all these stages your baby will be showing different sides of his/her personality, developing new expressions and celebrating new achievements like waving, clapping, crawling and standing.  We keep our sets simple to highlight baby, and we coordinate clothing with your plan for your images whether that includes favors, invitations, thank you cards, gift prints or starting the family portrait wall. 



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